retired Strains

old favorites


Blackberry Pie

Green Ribbon


budbud OG

Cotton Candy

Ice Cream Cake

This indica dominant hybrid is comprised of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. Its high will raise your senses and stoke your creativity. If you can handle it, strap yourself in for the ride!

Lava Cake


Triple Créme

Smooth and creamy, just like the finest Brie cheese. Put on your smoking jacket and pair this indica dominant hybrid with a charcuterie board and prepare to melt into your couch.

Wedding Cake


Lamb's Bread

A cross of native Jamaican strains, it leads with a fruity, uplifting and clean mental boost. Balanced with a comforting body effect that relieves your cares into soft focus and has you dancing to a better rhythm.

Maui Citrus

This bright, sparkling sativa strain is the essence of a summer paradise captured in a jar. Giggle the day away with this citrusy strain derived from Maui Wowie and Tangie.


Apple Fritter

Great White

White Lightning

This sativa dominant hybrid is a cross of two of the most prolific first generation hybrids - White Widow and Chemdog. Perfect for activities, de-stressing, pain relief, and meditation. Great daytime flower.