Established in 2015, budbud has become the number one source in Venice Beach for pesticide-free cannabis boasting immaculate aesthetics. Inspired by the stunning coastline, earthy culture, and radiant sunsets BudBud’s team of close friends and family created a line of craft bouquets designed to enhance the moments that make life worth living. Whether you’re catching rays, experiencing live music, entertaining guests or searching for stillness, budbud's strains were created to help you curate your best life.


From the moment of inception, the company’s mission was evident: to deliver consistent herbs with flavorful notes and an elegant smoke, always. Period. In an industry that can be lacking in consistency, budbud's aimed to create a standard of quality.  It all starts with the specialized organic blend formulated by their head cultivator, who’s logged nearly two decades of growing experience. The plants are then nourished in a living compost tea consisting of a mixture of probiotic herbs, several kelp varieties, clay, and beneficial oils and minerals.


The flowers are then clipped, cured and trimmed in budbud's quaint facility in Los Angeles. As boutique cannabis connoisseurs, the team is dedicated to cultivating superior buds for like-minded people: other connoisseurs.

budbud classic

Boutique eighths.

Beautiful buds.

budbud Smalls

Half ounces - more bang for your buck.

budbud sungrown

Flower powered

by the sun.